The largest aluminum extrusion plant in the Middle East by 2023

Aluminium is a unique metal that is characterized by strength, durability, flexibility, and light weight. It does not rust, is 100% recyclable, and comes in a variety of sizes. Surface finishes, and it can take multiple forms, allowing it to be used in many products such as air transport, railways, medicine, packaging, construction, construction work, electricity transmission, and others.

Aluminum Extrusion Factory

ALU Afric factory aluminum extrusions

The African factory is distinguished as the best aluminum extrusion factory in Egypt, as it is one of the leading and distinguished factories and has a long history and accumulated experience in the field of aluminum industry. The factory is professional in processing aluminum, and has the ability and high efficiency to provide customers with everything they need with high-quality aluminum products across a wide range of industries.

and Aluminum factories in Egypt can be produced for a large number of commercial applications, building and construction projects, infrastructure, transportation and auto parts. With our factory you will find experience and the best technical and administrative team. The African factory is now in an excellent position that allows it to capture an increasing share of The aluminum market is not only in Egypt, but also in all countries of the world.

The African factory is keen to develop itself strongly, as it offers a wide range of extruded aluminum formations according to the customer’s request. The factory also produced standard shapes and sizes for use In daily applications, therefore, it is one of the well-known factories in Egypt for producing extruded aluminum of all sizes and designs, from the simplest to the most complex


Our products are used mostly in the construction sector and a range of other applications, starting from structural components to decorative and architectural elements. The African factory staff works as one team with experience And high professionalism, starting from the sales department to the customer service team, ending with the engineering and manufacturing groups departments, all of them are trained at the highest level and do everything necessary to satisfy customers.

All departments in the African factory work side by side to provide products of high quality and efficiency. Providing them with the latest equipment that is maintained periodically, the African factory is a factory with long experience with facilities with advanced technologies, so it provides the best services to customers with the finest aluminum formations.

The best aluminum extrusion factory

The aluminum industry is one of the vital industries that are used in many different products and among the best Aluminium ingots selling places in Egypt This field is the African Aluminum Factory, as this factory is located in a large industrial area in Cairo, Egypt. The African Factory is characterized by applying the latest technology in the aluminum manufacturing process, and has a team Highly qualified and experienced in this field. Among the products that are produced in the African Aluminum Factory are panels, sheets and products derived from aluminum. These products are manufactured with high quality at competitive prices. In addition, the African Factory is characterized by providing excellent customer service and distinguished technical support, which makes it one of Among the best aluminum extrusions in the region.

Our Products

The African Factory offers a wide range of products and commercial assortments with standard specifications such as :

  •  angles, channels, squares.
  • Sliding and suspended doors and windows.
  • Lighting Configurations
  • Specifications for tenants, decoration, air-conditioning, signs, door handles, boats, etc.

Our Services

The African Factory is a large institution whose first and last goal is customer service. We believe in the importance of building a solid relationship and transparent business deals with customers, and we are keen to be Our products are of high quality and specifications, but at competitive prices, because our first goal is customer satisfaction, and we are committed to providing distinguished services through:

Technical Support

    • High quality materials.
    • Adhere to delivery dates.

It is worth noting that our design team has extensive experience in aluminum solutions in everything related to the specifications required by each customer, and then they are manufactured and implemented in the form correct final. Moreover, we provide technical assistance to customers and everything related to the table of quantities and structural calculation of dynamic stress

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