The largest aluminum factories in Egypt in the Middle East

Aluminum is considered a light metal, so it is considered a good choice for many uses, and it is characterized by its bright silver color.

The African factory is considered one of the largest aluminum factories in Egypt and the Middle East, as it was able to make a name for it in many countries, and its products have spread in the recent period because it is a mixture of high quality and competitive prices, as it is considered among the most important Aluminum accessories factories in Egypt, and the factory’s accuracy and credibility was a major reason for achieving the satisfaction of its customers and thus their demand for its products.

The Egyptian market is no longer the only place in which the African factory seeks to increase its spread. Rather, its ambition exceeds the horizons to reach international markets, and that dream will be realized, God willing, and with its continuous efforts in developing its products.

Who we are

The African factory is an Egyptian factory that is credited with the huge production that is spread in the Egyptian market now. It operates a large group of large companies that depend in their industry on aluminum, so it is classified among the best aluminum factories in Egypt, equipped with the latest equipment and machinery, which made it better Aluminum Extrusion Factory .

The factory works in twenty-four-hour shifts in harsh conditions, especially in the summer, when temperatures rise in front of flaming cells that emit flames of smelting fires. They are trained at the highest level and have long experience in the field. Therefore, they are an important reason for the great success witnessed by our factory.

The best aluminum sector factories in Egypt

The African factory is interested in manufacturing aluminum profiles and everything related to them in different sizes and shapes using the latest machines that are used in the extrusion and control process. Flanges and others. It is worth noting that all of its products are made of high-quality aluminum alloys that have undergone extensive and accurate testing before the manufacturing process, in order to ensure the highest levels of quality for the products of the aluminum sectors.

Therefore, the African company is considered one of the best companies manufacturing aluminum profiles in Egypt; The flow of customers to our company from all countries is increasing every day. The company has produced nearly a thousand different standards for aluminum sectors with different specifications and dimensions based on the request of each customer and based on the specifications he makes, and we use the latest specialized machines and equipment that are characterized by advanced technology. All these qualifications made the African company able to manufacture aluminum pipes and tubes of different diameters.

The company guarantees to its customers a production process in record time, and it has a service of shipping any quantity, whatever it is of the aluminum sectors products that the customer needs, and it is worth noting that the company has forming molds that make it capable and ready for any urgent request, if you do not have special specifications for the product, contact the African company It will definitely help you.

Location of aluminum factories in Egypt

The aluminum industry is considered one of the vital industries in Egypt, as it is used in the manufacture of many different products. The African company is distinguished by the fact that it owns There are many places to sell aluminum bars in Egypt as they are among the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and trading aluminum in Egypt The company provides a variety of high quality aluminum alloys that are used in the manufacture of many different products, such as furniture, buildings, cars and electrical appliances.

The African Company was established in Egypt in 2011 and is considered one of the largest aluminum manufacturing and trading companies in the Middle East.
The aluminum factory in 6th of October is one of the largest factories in Egypt. In addition, there are Aluminum factories in the 10th of Ramadan, which are famous for their production of high-quality aluminum alloys that are used in the manufacture of many different products. The company has a good reputation in Egypt due to the quality of its products and excellent services, which makes it an ideal destination for investors and customers in the field of aluminum.

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