The best places to sell aluminum ingots in Egypt 2023

To everyone who is looking for places to sell aluminum ingots in Egypt at reasonable prices, deal with the African factory, a large factory specialized in producing aluminum in various forms, in order to meet the requirements of every customer from various industries locally and globally with high-quality products that conform to all standards Globalism .

It can withstand the harshest operating conditions. Not only that, but also the factory is constantly updating the production fleet by adding new production lines to meet the renewable and changing market demands.

The advantages of dealing with the African factory

The African Factory works to cover the requirements of customers internally and externally in many architectural fields and various industries, including transportation, electrical and creative industries, in accordance with international quality standards.

The factory is keen to continuously develop its products using the latest technologies, machines and equipment, and continues to progress significantly. The African factory seeks to be part of the development of societies in a way that guarantees us continuity and success.

The factory is keen on preserving the wealth of the environment and not wasting or harming it by applying international standards, using all that is new, and promoting and developing human and industrial cadres.

The slogan of the African factory is to adhere to deadlines, as orders are delivered at the time agreed upon with customers without delay, and thanks to God, our factory is able to implement any order, regardless of its size, in record time.

The stages of manufacturing aluminum ingots in the African factory

The African factory manufactures aluminum ingots in several stages, including the stage of smelting aluminum waste in furnaces, cooling it in sand, then extracting it from it and melting it again to form new ingots. This process takes 8 full working hours or more.

And the workers stand in front of the furnace in order to get the ingot, and the African factory is distinguished by a highly qualified and well-trained staff who are fully aware of the importance of what they are doing. Therefore, they are the main reason for the dazzling success that the African factory is experiencing now, and they have all our respect and appreciation.

African Factory Products

The African factory provides its customers with a full range of main and special alloys in the field of manufacturing aluminum profiles with heat treatment according to the latest international standards.

The factory provides different sizes and numbers available for production to meet most of the needs of customers from the aluminum sectors of factories, giant projects and direct customers.

There are a large number of colors for different aluminum profiles, whether anodized or using paints.

The factory has a special department for designing and manufacturing extrusion and casting molds of all kinds and their various designs to produce a wide variety of aluminum sectors and castings, where high-quality steel materials are used in the manufacture of these molds.

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